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In addition to our own products, we offer products of other specialized asset managers in partnership with them. Altogether, we are able to produce and offer a well-balanced investment approach. Up to you to choose to benefit from our expertise!

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Thematic Call: Energy
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WOF - US Homebuilders
The Global Energy Income Strategy gives investors exposure to offshore oil and gas equipment and service providers. The asset allocation of the certificate is split into two segments. The main part of the portfolio (80%) is invested in fixed income instruments issued by oil and gas drillers, as well as equipment providers. The remaining 20% is invested in a well-diversified range of oil field service companies as optionality, in order to increase the overall return at due date. Investment call: We believe that over the next two years, the combined effects of consumption growth and stagnating output capacities—occurring as a result of a lack of exploration efforts from 2014-2016—will drive barrel prices. Because of below average production prices offshore oil exploration and production has become very profitable in offshore areas.
Economy 4.0 is leading to new applications, work processes, and much value creation. The investment objective of this strategy is to capture the trends of robotics, 5G, IIOT, etc. The portfolio consists of the top 40 companies across different sectors. The system in charge of the asset allocation process can rebalance up to 52 times a year. Investment call: The digital transformation is far-reaching and will reshuffle the existing economic set-up. The technical revolution is best described as a combination of multiple factors, including aging demographics fast and cheap transfer of products and services, and an ever-shorter product life cycle, leading to new products and services. If the factors above are correct, only companies with a forward-looking view will be equipped to capitalize on the trend. As the adage goes: “The winner takes all.”
Most investors sub-consciously divide their equity holdings into core holdings and dynamic allocation. Core holdings are expected to replicate the performance of a given market 1:1! Unfortunately, most passive investment strategies do not perform adequately due to the cost-structure and inefficient allocation strategies. Investment Solution: A bonus certificate replicates the performance of the S&P500 in a 1:1 manner during the life-time of the product. The dividend yield of the market will be used to generate extra performance so that at maturity, investors will receive the performance of the principal with capital protection barrier at 85 %, plus a bonus of 11.5 % for a typical 15-months term product. The initial goal of having a passive investment strategy as well as generating outperformance is being achieved; In its most recent market forecast, GS now expect an upside potential of the US of just around 4 %. This strategy is being provided as conditional capital protected product, and its standard terms range from 12 to 18 months. Bonus conditions are subject to change according to market conditions.
This product is to take advantage of the DM and EM at the same time; dual composition of both: a) credit linked note and b) the stock market performance. Reasoning: While developed market companies offer a better investor protection, emerging markets have a higher upside potential than DM. Investment call The credit linked note reflects the performance of the reference debt (senior) of Bombardier Inc, due January 2023. The equity part is linked to the performance of the South Korean, Taiwanese, and Australian stock markets (equal allocation). The performance participation is at 121 %. During the life-time of the product, there is not market reallocation.
Key call: Emerging markets are attractive because they remain undervalued by about 30 % versus developed markets; this present situation is particularly attractive as EM economic growth is expected to return to above average within the next 12 to 18 months.
A product with a conditional capital guarantee, providing investors a monthly coupon of 0.592%. This product is callable quarterly by the issuer. Investment Call: This is a sector call (US homebuilders); with the economy in a late cyclical mode, we believe that US homebuilders will outperform the broader market because: a) sector is relatively immunized versus trade tensions, and b) regional shortage will drive development prices above average.
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